Online Gambling in Africa

Wanting to wager on a great football match because you have a hunch your team has what it takes to win? Unsure of whether or not you can do just that or not? Here’s a quick look at how gambling in Africa works.

One of the first things that must be said is that online gambling is different in every country. While Best Crypto Gambling Sites 2022 are legal and licensed, many countries have yet to issue a license for other similar websites. Since 1994 and the creation of the very first online casino, many changes have taken place. While much of Europe has legalized it, it’s important to note that this is simply not the case for all African countries. 

Some African countries forbid it from taking place. We will take a look at some trends here, and that should help you judge whether or not it is legal for you to do so. Still yet, it is best to do research yourself to see just whether or not you can do so legally.

Two of the most advanced nations in gambling are South Africa and Egypt. In addition to having many casinos, online gambling is quite extensive, as in Poland where you can bet with this promo kod Fortuna for example. However, South Africa has an interesting twist that is worth pointing out to everyone.

In South Africa, online gambling is legal but it has caveats to it. Because of licensing laws and regulations set up by the government, casinos have to register in their specific province. This makes gambling outside of your province illegal. The National Gambling Board regulates this, and most countries have a similar board or process by which they go by.


In Egypt, there is a wide open market in terms of gambling online. There are no laws pertaining to it, unlike laws that prevent Egyptian citizens from gambling on their home soil. This means you can legally gamble anytime and anywhere, and on anyone’s server. This is a little confusing, but it just goes to show that there are so many different laws to abide by considering what country you are in.

Just by the two cases above, you can see two different approaches to the gambling issue in Africa. In so many countries, this issue is completely up in the air, and your best chance of having success and fun is to see what the laws are in your area.

They could be that it’s either legal, meaning it’s in some way regulated. It could be that the act is simply not regulated, much like Egypt‘s is. It could be illegal to some but not others as well. Or it could looked down upon in ways that are hard to explain.

In totalitarian controlled regimes, the chances of being allowed to play are minimal. This is also typically the case in more conservative places, so be aware of that. If you feel that it should be legal, you can always try to become active and influence those that make the laws by voting or running for office, or helping others with a like mind.

On the issue of online gambling on the African continent, there simply are not great answers and you just have to walk around the issue as best you can.